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Hi, my name is Jaide, I am the co-founder of Saved by Mama, with my partner Simon.

Exciting news!

All-natural dehydrated vegetable stock.

Our stock powder

We wanted to make a stock for families with young children. As parents, this is something that resonates with us. Specifically made for babies who are starting their weaning journey, but also for older children, and adults too.

Not only is our stock healthy for families, but it’s also healthy for the planet. 

Add to soups, stews, or dressings.

Whatever way you use this stock you are going to be having real nutritious food. Nothing hidden. No secrets. Just Surplus, organic, vegetables. 

Product description

Pure vegetable stock in powdered form. 

Saved by Mama stock is not intentionally made for drinking as a ‘sipping broth’. It tastes different from shop-bought broth, which is typically made with different seasonings, salt, and often preservatives. We enhance the flavor of your homemade meals without any unnecessary extra bits.

Our values

The impact that our food has on the planet is something that we at Saved by Mama care deeply about. It is a core value of ours to understand the process of the production of the food that we eat, and that is why we only work with farmers who care. 

The farmers

Swiss agriculture produces 300,000 tons of surplus food every year. So it is essential to us that we only work with local farmers who strive towards eco-friendly, sustainable farming.

Innovation is key

The farms we choose understand that growing food takes a live ecosystem cared for and nurtured by amazing human beings who use technology as tools rather than as a replacement for humans.

They are always looking for more efficient and more environmentally friendly ways to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of food that goes to waste during production.

The ingredients 

The ingredients are local and organic.

Babies get enough salt in their diets from the foods they eat so our stock powder has no added salt.

Take a look at our recipes on the blog to get some inspiration for how to use our stock powder.

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